Kraft Paper Muse is an independently published bimonthly magazine centered on creatively living the digitally-analog life. KPM builds content around a one-word theme for both digital free reading online and a subscriber-based printed issue. KPM also provides bonus content as a segue on the in-between issue months via Patreon.
We would like to include you in one of our next print issues. We are not 501c3, but your advertising dollars are tax-deductible with a receipt of purchase that we would provide. Advertising does not appear inside the actual issue. We print short runs of 100 copies at a time and include a half sheet-sized booklet for our advertisers. This booklet is also made available in digital format online and for distribution. 
Ads are full-bleed using the specs below and need to be a minimum of 300dpi. Available ad spaces are as follows: (Keep in mind this is a half sheet booklet.)
Half-page inside 100.00 
4.5" w by 3.5" h

Half-page front cover 200.00
4.5" w by 3.5" h

Full-page inside 250.00
4.5" w by 7.5" h

Full-page back cover 300.00
4.5" w by 7.5" h

Centerfold (see sponsorship below) 600.00
10" w by 7.5" h
For those wishing to purchase multiple ads, we have the following discounts:
15% discount for three (3) ads (6 months, 3 issues)
25% discount for one full year of ads (12 months, 6 issues)
Referral Program
Refer another advertiser and you will receive 20% of their ad cost once they pay for an ad; i.e. They purchase a half page ad for 100.00 and you receive 20.00 once their payment has cleared. 
Design Services
If you would like to place an ad but are in need of design services, we provide them in-house at a discounted, additional cost. To add value, ads are provided to you for your own use outside of KPM in three formats. Files in PNG, JPEG, and PDF formats in both color and B&W are provided after payment is received. Printed versions of the booklet will be in B&W only; color versions will appear in the digital version only. Please contact us if you have any questions.
Buying our two-page centerfold for 600.00 covers the cost of printing 100 copies of KPM. As with all of our advertising, prior approval will be necessary to ensure your organization’s mission aligns with ours. Your logo would also appear here on our site.

Please contact us if you have any questions. We look forward to having you as part of our community!
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