Most of our columns swap out depending on available content:
(listed alphabetically)
___ as Therapy
Creative expression as a healing tool, with exercises.
A Stone's Throw
In-depth information on gemstones and crystals around our home.

An alphabetical list of our favorite campaigns, shops, and inspirations meant to arouse the senses and set your muse on fire.
Analog Goes Digital
Learn how to draw something by hand (analog), then take it digital to make something fun.

An ode to our handmade zine roots, every issue comes with a one-page zine at it's heart backed by a to-the-edge surface pattern. If you order the print version of the magazine, or subscribe to the digital, there is an assembled copy as well as the digital PDF for your personal use.
New! Details coming.Illustrated recipes to make your mouth water.
Everyday Magic
Mainstream ritual life, gratitude.

Featured Interview
Bonus content for Patreon subscribers.

Daily journaling, aligning your life, reverse-engineering your goals, and other tricks to keep you on track and functional.

Keen on Books
Fi Keane on the books we love. Check out our book clubs on Discord and Goodreads.

Play. Learn. Repeat. (previously Play. Practice. Learn.)

(Creating) Sacred Spaces
You don't have to be witchy to appreciate how creating a sacred space for  yourself can improve wellness on all levels.

Spotlight on Etsy
Spreading the love to some of our favorite Etsy shops. #liftasyouclimb

Spotlight on Patreon
Spreading the love to some of our favorite Patreon accounts. #liftasyouclimb
Spotlight on Twitch
Spreading the love to some of our favorite Twitch streamers. #liftasyouclimb

Vintage / Modern
Repurposing the old into the new, giving new life to vintage items through invention and upcycling, as well as delving into the past to find the origins of some our current favorites.
Little Birdie Says...
Whether a link to your shop or an encouraging note to a friend, 140-characters can say a lot. $20.00 per issue.
Rabbit Holes are jumping off points, sidebars full of lists and other informational tidbits that tie-in with our columns.

Classes We Enjoy
Classes we are currently taking online.

Tech Head
The apps we are currently using and how they are making our personal world a better place.

The Games We Play
Our favorites being played now - video games, indie mobile games, card games, MMOs, tabletop, board games, you name it.

Plant Lady is the New Cat Lady
aka snippets from Renmeleon’s Plant Tumblr.

What we are listening to right now, possibly on loop.

Things We Collect
Everything from art to postcards, challenge coins, plants, stamps, and everything in between.

Featured Zine makers and our favorite zines.

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